Arc of a French Fry Effortlessly

An average two bedroom apartment with wall to wall orange and brown shag carpet (a la 1975) which also graced the floor of a small bathroom I shared with my Mother.  A well-watered pathos hung from a twine macrame’ hanger near one of the two windows in the living room.  My Mother had kindly gifted me a 1974 orange Volkswagen bug that I used to get back and forth from my job at Eileens clothing store at Metrocenter; school (we lived pretty far from my high school) and to cruise Central on Friday night with my gal pals.  I kept it nice and shiny, with weekly waxing with Turtle wax, and loaded it with my girlfriends every chance I got. It was a Saturday.  My friend Lorrie and I had just arrived home with multiple shopping bags from Foxmore.  We scurried to dump our bounty out onto my bed to admire our new chokers, leather clogs, hiphuggers and crop tops.  We both had retail jobs that kept us in the most current garb (one of the main reasons we had jobs!). We had also stopped at McDonald’s on the way to grab our favorite lunch – a Quarter Pounder with cheese, a large french fry and a Coke.  Lorrie quickly retrieved the green flowered Corelle plates from the cupboard as I divided up our faire.  We were starving!  We were very active young girls with high metabolisms and could easily handle 3,000 calories a day no problem. Lunches on a […]

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The Peanut Butter Cookie Story

Summer, sitting in the screened in patio, long, stringy hair still wet from the pool and skinny little me wrapped in a giant beach towel shivering with eyes blood-shot from the chlorine.  I just had to open my eyes underwater; what kid doesn’t?   However, my reason was mostly to watch out for my goofy older brother who would inevitably hide in the grapefruit tree waiting for the chance to beeline it to the pool, jump on top of me and hold me under water until I kicked him somewhere important.  He was a turd!  He reveled at the chance to get me to scream “Kevin! Stop it!”, which I awarded him with regularly.  It is well-known that the job of an older brother is to torment his little sister. And, boy was he was excellent at it!  All summer long out of school, the two of us were constantly in the pool, playing and fighting, mostly fighting.  The morning generally started calm. We’d start with the “drain race”, a race to the bottom of the deep end to the drain.  Each race, we’d add a new challenge to the game.  “Ok, you have to hold a baseball between your thighs and race to the drain”, Kevin would instruct.  Or, “when you get to the drain, you have to count to 5, then come back up”.  I was much smaller than he even though he only had me by a year!  I was even smaller than all the boys and girls my […]

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Dad’s Cast Iron Pan

Dad's cast iron pan

Isn’t she a beauty?  This black beauty?!  No, she’s not a horse, (for those who remember Black Beauty) although she is quite a thoroughbred – a consummate kitchen horse.  She’s one of my most prized possessions given to me by my Dad about two years ago.  I use this pan just about every day.  My Dad carefully and lovingly preserved this gorgeous girl for 45 years, taking her on many a hunting trip I’m sure!  Yelling at the camp cook….”don’t wash my cast iron pan with soap and make sure you oil the ENTIRE surface before you put it away!”.   At home, he hung her along with all his other (newer and less important girls) on the back wall of his tiny kitchen.  His cast iron pans require display like pieces of art on the walls of his rustic castle. I remember this pan full of perfectly scrambled eggs loaded with green chili’s and sharp cheddar cheese.  I was eleven.  Dad was particularly careful not to make that weird, lacy, foreign egg layer up the sides of the pan.  Nasty! I learned how to scramble eggs by watching Dad wield his wooden spoon around the pan like a maestro directing his orchestra.   Just as the eggs were still somewhat soft (my Dad’s version of perfect eggs is not the culinary version – nor mine)  Dad would add a can, or two, of diced green chili’s, a nice handful of grated sharp cheddar cheese and then finish her off (I’m pretty […]

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New Range in and Ready!

new thermador professional range

My new Thermador Professional range in now in!  I can’t believe how beautiful this thing is!  Six robust burners, a grill (the best rated), and a large and small oven.   I initially wanted a six burner cook top with a grill and two wall ovens.  I like this so much better, and for the price I got it for I can add a few more bells and whistles to my kitchen. I am VERY happy with my decision. As you can see by the photo, my cabinets aren’t completely done and I have no flooring yet.  But!   I am up and running on cooking.  I have placed some random boards on top of the cabinets because I don’t have the counter top yet either.  That didn’t stop me from making a delicious meal of Pappardelle Egg Pasta  and a spicy red sauce slathered in provolone.  It was fabulous!  I should have snapped a picture of that for you but I was so excited to feed people that it completely slipped my mind.  I do have leftovers so perhaps I can get a shot when I serve that up tonight.    

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Waiting patiently for my new kitchen

Thermador Professonal Range

I am patiently awaiting the completion of my new kitchen. My 1952 house with the kitchen in the front is being transformed into a modern abode. The front kitchen has now been artfully replaced with a library complete with floor to ceiling bookcases lovingly styled. The kitchen is in the process of being incorporated into a great room layout complete with a large center island with a Thermador Professional range. I’ve never had a kitchen so beautiful and this is only the beginning!

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