New Chinook

We bought our 1994 Chinook Premier on Labor Day weekend 2014. We had been looking for a small motorhome for a few years.  Since we were brand spankin’ new RVers, we didn’t want to get something too big at first.  Essentially, we wanted something to be a mobile hotel with all the needed bells and whistles if we found ourselves out in the boonies with spontaneous ideas. Before we got the Chinook, we traveled a lot! Either driving out to Bartlett Lake and sleeping on the open bow of G-Mans’ boat, day trips to the Salt River, overnighting 4 hours from home or a weekend romp up north for some relief from the heat.  We realized we needed more flexibility and wanted to be able to go anywhere our spontaneity would take us.  So, we finally found the one we wanted….a fixer upper…again because we didn’t want to commit to something big OR expensive; it was in Golden, Colorado! Roamin’ Zoni’s ( romin – zoenees) (that’s our handle) off to Golden on a whim!! We drove in the Labor Day weekend traffic to get to northern Arizona (it took us 4 hours to get to Flagstaff which usually takes half that….ugh!), crossed the Indian reservation in the dark (one lane, dark roads), and landed at 2 am in Moab, Utah.  I was able to find a cabin for the night in an RV park, which was perfect because all we wanted to do was go to sleep!  Man were we tired! (this is a […]

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