Frequently Asked Questions

karin the culinary crossover

Do you eat everything you cook?

But of course!  And, my household makes good use of my food.  My boyfriend (aka the husband figure – because we’ve been together a long time) lurks around the kitchen when I’m cooking.  He can’t wait to eat anything I cook.  The dogs wait for him to drop a morsel or two (which he often does) so that they too can enjoy the wonderful dishes I make.  Weird part is that nobody else is getting fat but me!  How does that work?  Must be my old lady metabolism. 🙂

What do you like to cook the most?

I really like to make pasta.  Over the years, I have developed a pasta sauce that is “to die for” and I adjust it for different pasta recipe.  I love my lasagna.  It’s oooey and gooey and so delicious!  I don’t make it in a traditional lasagna pan, but use a square Pyrex pan that is enough for just the two of us.

Do you own any cookware that you would highly recommend for others?

I love, love, love my food processor.  I had a Cuisinart 11 cup processor and finally broke it (because I dropped it so much – not that the product blows).  For Christmas this year (2016), I got a brand new Cuisinart food processor that is 14 cups (I asked Santa for a bigger one because I needed it). Santa was very kind. 🙂  I also got a brand new Blendtec Wildside blender for Christmas that I can’t wait to dig into.  I burned out my other blender! My Boos blocks and my Wustof knives are also my very favorite things in my kitchen.

Are you a full time blogger?

Yes.  I been blogging since June 2016, so I’m fairly new at it.  I have a love of writing so it fits in with my natural bent to write.  That’s the reason I write funny stories and document my travels.  I have some really funny things that rattle around in my brain and I find this blog to be a great vehicle for dumping that stuff out.  The jury is still out on whether or not my readers find my stuff funny.  I sure hope my readers enjoy it as much as I do?  🙂

Do you take your own photos of your food?

Why?  Can’t you tell?  Some of my early photos are really bad!  I finally jumped in a got a proper camera and lighting, which has made my pictures better.  I’m still learning the craft.   Practice, practice, practice I say!

Is it true that you lived on Maui?

Oh ya!!  One of the greatest times in my life!  I had lunch on the beach everyday and had a pretty kush life. While I was there, I owned a small massage therapy studio in Kehei.  I was pumping out 8 massages a day and finally had to cut back on that because it was just too much for me.  I rented out a second massage studio to other therapists, as well.  Maui is a wonderful place.  But, I’m a traveler, so being on an island was a bit confining for me.  When you can drive the entire island in one day, that’s when you question your choice to live there.  Strange how Hurricane Iniki came at just the right time.








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